Our Impact

Change starts here

We truly believe that change is possible. For everyone. That’s why we do everything in our power to create a safe, empowering, supportive and caring environment to help our clients change for the better. We do this through our six pillars of change:

Collaboration – By working together, we can create change across a wide range of social issues, from family violence to grief, to depression, to parenting and couples counselling.

Holistic approach – Our integrated approach means we are able to work with all members of the family/whānau, not just individual’s by providing a range of programmes and counselling services to meet their needs.

Ability – We don’t just talk the talk: we have a highly trained team who are able to support you to make the changes you want in your life.

Non-judgemental – We don’t judge, we listen. No matter who our clients are, or what’s going on in their life, we’re here to help.

Genuine – We work with aroha and compassion while helping others change their lives. We truly care about creating lasting, positive change in our community.

Encouraging – In all things we do, we aim to be encouraging, approachable, positive and to work with honesty and integrity.

How we’ve helped change people’s lives…

100% … of our clients say we have helped them create positive change.

100% … of our clients* are very satisfied with our services and programmes.

96% … of family members and whanau* feel safer after attending one of our family violence programmes.

100% … of our counselling clients* feel their wellbeing has improved.

* Among participants who completed the evaluation.