At ChangeAbility we believe that change is possible for everyone. The people in the stories below have all overcome significant challenges to create real change in their lives.

Janine’s story – “changing everything”

Trapped in an abusive relationship, Janine* made the call to ChangeAbility. It’s a decision she’ll never regret: the decision that changed everything for her and her children.
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Ben & Shane’s story – “Changeability was a life changing experience”

A mate of mine had suggested I give them a call, after one afternoon around my house. It was a typical afternoon with me getting stressed out about the kids, and me end up yelling at them, feeling angry and frustrated about another thing that wasn’t going my way. It took a bit of convincing to lead me to the course which I joined reluctantly and full of anxiety.

First night was hard, room full of men, I felt awkward and alone.

That changed as the programme progressed over the coming weeks, the facilitators and others in the group opened up about what was going on in their lives,

There were Lots of nights, with revelations about my disrespectful behaviour to my loved ones in my life. Many sessions were very hard and confronting, but there was strength and mana in the group as a collective vision about how life could be.

A life of peace, courage, stability was right there available to us, those that  admitted  to our faults and were open to the change.  However it’s not a free ride and if you want to change you have to do the work.

Sadly most NZ men I meet are afraid of their feelings, and supress what’s going on, and the perception that “ your weak” if you do, but in the learning it’s quite the opposite, through love  you become empowered to become the change in the world around you.


Shane* broke the cycle of violence and anger by attending a Men’s Stopping Violence group programme. He credits it with saving his life – and probably someone else’s too.
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Karyn’s story – “living without fear is changing my life”

Karyn’s* life has transformed since she came to see us. It hasn’t been easy, but she has created a safer, more peaceful life for herself and her children.
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* Names have been changed to protect identities.

“Just recently I think my nervous system has finally changed. The worry and fear, the default pattern of anxiety, it’s not the same. The potential to live without fear is changing my life. What’s allowed this change? I’ve removed myself from the harm of living with my ex-husband and I’ve been taught new skills by the team at ChangeAbility.”