Living free

Abusive and violent relationships can include verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse (including making threats, name-calling, controlling who you see, put downs, hitting, imposing and unwanted sexual contact). Our ‘Living Free’ safety programme provides support, skills and practical information to help break free from the cycle of violence.

For Women and men who are currently in a relationship that’s abusive and need support to make positive changes in their life, or who’ve been in an abusive relationship in the past and wish to heal from those experiences. Are you concerned about how your partner or ex treats you? Answer the following questions to find out about abusive behaviours.

How Participants learn how to keep themselves and their children safe, and are guided through choices about whether to leave or stay in the relationship. We provide a safe, confidential environment where you can share personal experiences and have the support of other others who’ve been through similar experiences.

When Group and individual programmes are available – we’ll talk through your options at an initial assessment meeting.

Where ChangeAbility, 7 Victoria Street, Masterton 5810

How much does it cost? We welcome donations/koha to support this programme.

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“My eyes have been opened to what violence actually is and when it is happening.”