Janine’s story – changing everything

Trapped in an abusive relationship, Janine* made the call to ChangeAbility. It’s a decision she’ll never regret: the decision that changed everything for her and her children.

“I really want to write about receiving counselling at ChangeAbility (previously SVSW), the work they are doing is so important and impactful in the lives of women living with domestic violence.

I used to wonder why women usually went back to their partners up to six times or more – it made no sense. Now I get it totally. They go back because it is so hard. Domestic violence is a very complex issue. There are insane amounts of fear, issues of keeping safe, then police, courts and bureaucracy to negotiate, on-going financial worries, parenting of children who are traumatised and acting out violence and anger, and the tangled web of a harmful relationship.

Kay, the counsellor I saw at ChangeAbility, has a myriad of skills to help lead me, and others like me, out of a harmful situation. This kind of counselling is so specialised. At its most fundamental level, it’s about keeping women safe from harm, and Kay has many years of experience in doing this. Right from that first call, to stopping violence, my family’s safety was taken very seriously.

I won’t go back. The reason for this is the work I have done with Kay. Keeping grounded, keeping strong, and making a new home that’s peaceful and safe for my kids.

Her positivity, compassion and skill with domestic violence counselling means those women will have a new chance.”


* Names have been changed to protect identities.