Shane’s story – “violence isn’t my whakapapa anymore”

Shane* broke the cycle of violence and anger by attending a Men’s Stopping Violence group programme. He credits it with saving his life – and probably someone else’s too.

“In the past I had perpetrated violence against my ex-partner, my children and other people, abused drugs and alcohol and have been a long term gang member.

I’ve attended two programmes with SVSW (as ChangeAbility was then called); the latest was mandated by the prison parole board. The support that has been given to me by this agency means a lot to me, it has given me another opportunity and chance at life.

My focus in life has changed to keeping myself, and those around me, safe. The programmes and counselling have saved my life – and probably someone else’s too.

I know that what the Stopping Violence programme has done for me is also important to other men who’ve attended. This is a small town and we meet up on the street and talk about the programme and how it has helped us, and our families.

I can now say that violence isn’t my whakapapa anymore, thank you ChangeAbility. I feel a lot of gratitude to the team at ChangeAbility.”


* Names have been changed to protect identities.